With so many amazing foundations available, it can get a little confusing when trying to find one that you will love. As everybody is different, there’s no one foundation that will suit everyone, so when trying to narrow down which one to choose we’ve got a few helpful hints:

1. What's your skin type? You can be dry, oily, normal, mature or sensitive (sometimes a combination!). Knowing your skin type will help you find the correct formula because it can change how the foundation will look on your skin – for example, if you have dry skin and choose a matte foundation, chances are that it will end up caking and showing up pores and fine lines as it settles into the skin, so a more moisturising formula will look better.

2. What coverage do you like? There are different levels of coverage with foundation; light, medium and full. Many foundations are also buildable, which simply means the more you apply the more coverage you will get. If you want to even your skin tone out but don’t have any major concerns, then a light to medium foundation is a good choice. If you like a more full makeup look or have skin concerns then a medium to full foundation will suit. And for those who aren’t used to foundation or don’t like the feel of it, we would recommend looking at a light foundation which will feel more comfortable on the skin.

3. Choosing the right colour - here’s a tricky one! Firstly, do you have warm or cool undertones? Most people tend to be warm unless they are very fair. The best way to find your shade is of course to come into PMStudio and have one of our Makeup Artists try the foundation on you to see if the colour and formula suits your skin. However, if you can’t make it in, don’t worry! The next best thing is to call us and we can help you narrow down the colour selection. To do this, you can let us know of a foundation you’ve used in the past that has been a great colour match for you so we can try and match it up to the foundation you’re interested in. We may even get you to email us a recent photo of yourself so we can check your undertones match the foundation. Finally, if there’s a colour you’re really wanting to check out, putting the name and colour into Google and looking it up in Google Images will often bring up photos of people wearing that colour foundation so you can get an idea of the types of skin tones it suits and whether you fit into those tones.

We hope this has been helpful and as always if you need any help please email us at info@pmstudio.com.au, or call on (02) 9310 3535.

If there’s any information you would like on products or application please let us know and we will be happy to post more information about it for you!