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Jean D'Aveze Creme Douceur

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Type of skin: Dry rosy skin types

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and desensitizing properties, this bio-complex highly concentrated with moisturizers and emollient extracts help to reduce inflamed skin and Rosacea-like redness. This advanced product has two key ingredients: an anti-oxidant, Proanthocyanidins and anti-stress, Hypericin. This cream also combines an antioxidant (Grape extract) known as Polyphenol that is clinically proven to protect cells from damage caused by a chemical process called oxidation, and an anti-stress Hypericin from Hypericum Perforatum, St. John’s wort extract, known from ancient times to relieve stressful conditions. In addition to repairing the skin damage, Hypericin with its anti-inflammatory and astringent actions, reduces the sebaceous secretions as well, in relieving irritation and improving firmness. Excellent remedy for treatment of fine and fragile skin, it has the property of healing dry inflamed skin and protects it from free radical damage.

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