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Ovo Kojno Professional Cosmetic Sponge

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Revolutionary innovations are born out of a marriage of necessity and creativity, and driven forward by creators with a desire for perfection.

In the professional makeup industry, the need was apparent to everyone. Despite all the advancements in cosmetology, all the theories and trials and innovations in application tools, no one had yet created the ultimate combination of features for applying makeup flawlessly and effortlessly. Until now.

Ovo Beauty Sponge is the brainchild of two industry leaders in Beauty, Fashion, Special Effects Make Up. It combines perfect texture for easy application and flawless blending; it is a form factor ideally suited to the hand of the artist. It is, for those who know the industry well, an evolutionary leap in the art of enhancing beauty.

Latex free. Non-allergenic. Odorless. Available in three sizes for the perfect fit. Ovo Sponge was designed to deliver incredible results, effortlessly. In the words of one of its inventors, Klexius Kolby, it is “....everything I’ve been looking for in a sponge.”

Ovo Beauty Sponge is everything the makeup industry has been longing for in application technology; it is everything a professional needs to make a flawless impression.

Ovo Kojno Sponge comes in three sizes so that the user can select the size of best fit. If a tool feels comfortable, it becomes an extension of your hand; it becomes less an object of translation and more a tool of fluency.

Rounded on one end, and wedged on the other for the ultimate all in one makeup application tool.

OVO: The Ultimate Professional Beauty Sponge.

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