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Pristine Beauty Sunless Strip Sunless Tanner

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You know we love our stars, but that big old sun is one star Hollywood Pinups need to be careful of. That is, if you want to look like Bridgette, Marilyn or Grace and not a sun worshiping leather face…OUCH! Get hot from a bottle and not from a burn!

First, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate for a smooth ride. Apply Sunless Strip Sunless Tanner liberally and evenly to your face and body. Be sure to start slowly, beginning with your feet rubbing in circular motions covering your body evenly. Remember, any cream with DHA will streak if you slap it on.

Sunless Strip® is a realistic-looking tanner. It is not our intention to make you look like you have a fake tan. Yet, if a darker look is desired you may reapply in back-to-back applications. For example, you can apply in the morning after your shower because it does not stink. Take a shower or bath at night and reapply that night and you will wake up darker in the morning. This tan should last 5-7 days unless you are doing excessive exercise.

Make sure you wash those hands thoroughly or you’ll look like a dirty girl for sure…and that’s not pretty, girly or glam!

Sunless Strip®:
Is a 100% natural, sunless tanner.
Smells refreshing.
Is nourishing when applied as it contains green tea, aloe, vitamins A, B, D, E, lethicin, inulin and many more nurturing ingredients.
Contains DHA which is a natural carbohydrate derived from sugar beets.
Scent comes from lemon verbena.

Pristine Beauty products are 100% certified vegan, gluten free, made with natural ingredients and are certified cruelty free because we never test on animals.

Things you will NEVER find in Pristine Beauty® Products:

Parabens • Bismuth Oxychloride • Sulfates
Gluten • Soy • Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes (examples: FD&C and Lake Dyes)
Petrochemicals (examples: PEG, Dimethicone, Polybutene, Butylene Glycol, Paraffin)
Nylon-6 • Phthalates • GMOs • Triclosan • Quaternium

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